Google Fiber Plan for San Antonio

Google fiber plans for san antonio, antonio google fiber, living in elegant texas homes
Credit: Google Fiber

The Google Fiber Plan for San Antonio has Many Phases

Google fiber plan for san antonio, living in elegant texas homes
Credit: Google Fiber

The Alamo city was selected to be one of the 12 Fiber cities to be chosen for Google Fiber. According to the Geekdom Director Lorenzo Gomez “San Antonio is a city on the rise. It is a city that you can build, and very few people can build a city in their lifetime.” Austin is having a great experience with the service so far. They say it’s lighting speed compared to what they are used to. To say informed with the Google Fiber Plan for San Antonio, check out our blog for updates.

Other competitors that people have worked with in the past in Austin have given them a sub par experience, so Google Fiber has been a nice change of pace.  We’re excited for the change in San Antonio! The Google Fiber Plan for San Antonio has many phases, but was just put on a hopefully short pause in the construction phase. The Phases of the Google Fiber plan for San Antonio include Exploration, Design, Construction, Sign Up, and Installation.


Google Fiber implementation is a rather intricate process, beginning with the exploration phase. During the Exploration phase, Fiber worked with city leaders reviewing infrastructure to ensure the city of San Antonio was ready for an undertaking like Google Fiber. The Google Fiber Hut locations are shown in the map above.  These locations were decided based on the exploration and design phase.

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Google fiber plans for san antonio, living in elegant texas homes
Credit: Jose Arredondo of La Prensa SA

The Design phase has to be planned mile by mile with the city’s shared data to ensure the route they need to build on will be satisfactory, preventing damage from occurring with existing utility poles, water, gas and lines of electricity.  Now that the Design Phase has completed, Google Fiber will be available soon to all those living in San Antonio.


Google fiber plan for san antonio
Credit: Google Fiber

The Construction phase is where both Austin and now San Antonio have hit a bit of a snag with certain areas in town. Hopefully that will iron itself out shorty to bring super fast internet speeds, and especially new jobs to the area. Google Fiber started to lay new fiber in the area that will reach from here to Canada.

As you probably know, the engineers and crews have been in our San Antonio neighborhoods for some time now. While their deployment may be slow, this service will be amazing to have, and to be one of the first of few cities to have Google Fiber is impressive too. Google has finished the construction of two of San Antonio’s huts, but until they come to an agreement on the remained of the 17 huts, construction has stopped.

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Google fiber plans for san antonio
Credit: City of San Antonio

Sign Up

Google fiber plan for san antonio
Credit: Google Fiber

Signing up for this service will be a bit of a wait, but it is said to bring 1,000 megabits per second when it does arrive, which exceeds the average American broadband speed at 11.9 megabits per second, according to Fiber. To give you an idea of the speed you will have, at 1-gigabit speeds, a user can download 25 songs in 1 second, a TV show in 3 seconds and a HD movie in less than 36 seconds, according to industry figures.

Google Fiber offers this Internet service alone at $70 per month. However, for the full Fiber experience, it also has one gigabit Internet service and a little more than 150 cable TV channels for $130 per month, and a phone at $10 per month. To check eligibility for Google Fiber in your San Antonio neighborhood, and eventually request service, you can follow this link to their information site.

Google Fiber San Antonio


Google Fiber Plan for San Antonio, Elegant Texas Homes, living in San Antonio

Google Fiber groups cities into small communities called fiberhoods. To build their network quickly, they focus efforts on one fiberhood at a time. Installation won’t take long once the Fiberhood has reached your area.

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