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Welcome to San Antonio! Home to Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA), the city of San Antonio, is  referred to as Military City, USA. It is a large metro area that is constantly growing thanks to the support of our Military community.  If you are PCSing to San Antonio, this is your number one  Guide to PCS San Antonio Military Relocation, and for investing in real estate.

Things to Know About San Antonio Before You PCS

Making a Smart Investment IN MILITARY CITY USA

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Investing in San Antonio right now seems to make sound economic sense for multiple reasons. If you have any additional questions as to why, find out here. The city has a thriving medical and tech industry, both in the government and in the private sector. Now titled Cyber City, USA, with UTSA being the number one school in Cyber Security in the country, and with Joint Base San Antonio’s growing cyber industry, make the most out of your PCS and consider purchasing one of the beautiful homes available in San Antonio, or in the surrounding areas.The city houses multiple start-up incubators, such as Geekdom, 3 Day Startup, and more. The city has also made large-scale investments in redeveloping  the downtown Riverwalk areas well as the South and the East Side of San Antonio. The investment opportunities as you can see, are vast.

Renting, while convenient for some, may not be the best choice for all. On one hand, it can be a lot more expensive. Additionally, it definitely won’t earn you money in the long run, like owning a home can. Also, if you are planning on this being your final duty station, San Antonio offers a wonderful and supportive Military transition community and amazing opportunities for your career post- military service. Finally, many San Antonio military families choose San Antonio as their retirement destination, and if not San Antonio proper, one of the amazing Hill Country towns that are neighbors with our great city.

Affordable Homes for Sale in San Antonio

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Credit: San Antonio Board of Realtors (Current Listing: Elegant Texas Homes)

Make your San Antonio Military relocation easy and exciting, by purchasing an affordable home. The level of affordability here ranks high when it comes to military families, and others as well. Taxes are lower here, housing is less expensive here, and schools rank excellent in San Antonio, so it’s a perfect place to call home, while serving here, and after your service to our country. It is true that Texas remains one of the most affordable states for purchasing a home. However, with increasing popularity from an already flourishing San Antonio, this city and our surrounding neighbors may not remain affordable for long. This makes it an excellent choice to purchase a home while you serve.

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Buying a Home On Active Duty

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Selling a Home on Active Duty

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Dining Lackland Air Force Base

Important Addresses and base info

  • Lackland Air Force Base is located on the west side of San Antonio. Take Exit 4 from I-410W and enter through Airman’s Gate. The gate is opened 24 hours a day.
  • Pfingston Reception Center (New BMT RC) 1800 Truemper St. Bldg. 6330, Lackland AFB 78236
  • LUKE GATE 2602-2898 Luke Blvd, Lackland AFB, TX
  • VALLEY HI GATE 100 Valley Hi Drive, Lackland AFB, TX